The Eternal Fountain of Youth (Youth's Revolution)

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ISBN: 9781457512643
276 pages

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The Eternal Fountain of Youth is a book written to help people to more fully understand the totality of life as a whole.  The book helps people to intelligently understand true mindfulness and the genuine, all-encompassing, unregimented, compassionate awareness that discerns profoundly (far from the ordinary and superficial).  The book helps people to --- without relying on leaders or manmade systems --- independently flower into what deeply understands life, relationship, consciousness, and the intrinsic nature of time (as a whole).  Many people cling, with others, to what stuffy, outside "authority" dictates as to what is truth and what is correct. However, only...


About Thomas Peace

In terms of Thomas Peace’s accomplishments, he realizes that what we “best accomplish” is not what can be measured in terms of award-winning, monetary, material, or “academic degree” achievements, but (rather) in terms of what we do each and every day to exist beyond superficial separation, conflict, and indifference. He, for many years, realized that it is all too easy to wallow in comfortable, set routines that society provides for us, while we merely (unconsciously) imitate the actions of others.





If it is not the riddle and the untying of the riddle, then it is nothing.




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